About Us

Agribusiness Experts

Grupo Master Grãos

Headquartered in the city of Sinop-MT and other branches in the States of Mato Grosso and Pará, Grupo Master Graos has a team of experienced professionals, and has stood out as a solid and active company, in constant development.

We are focused on:

Export of agricultural commodities

Road transport

Grain Storage

Main commodities traded::

  • Soy Grains
  • Soy Meal
  • Corn Grains
  • Cottonseed

Our Directors

Renan Assenção de Paula


He started in agribusiness in 2007, working in administrative departments, controlling, origination and commercial, being responsible for a portfolio that covered 180,000 hect in the State from Mato Grosso. He founded Grupo Master Grãos in 2011, RM Agrícola in 2013 and Masterlog in 2017.


Mario Cezar Duarte de Menezes


He worked 8 years directly in production, processing, logistics and commercialization of soy, corn, cotton and fertilizers in one of the largest companies in the segment in Brazil acquiring full knowledge of the agricultural commodities market. He also gained experience in a large producer of animal protein, where he specialized in industrial process management. In 2011, he became a of the founders of the Master Grão Group.



How we work:

Grupo Master Grãos continuously seeks excellence in its processes, investing mainly in your team, systems and process improvement. Thus, we believe that to achieve the success, all company departments need to work in harmony.

Imagem Missao Master Graos